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National Insurance Company

The National Insurance Company was established according to Law (56) of 1950 and became a public company according to Law No. (22) of 1997, and its capital amounted to (60,000,000,000) dinars (sixty billion Iraqi dinars) according to Cabinet Resolution (481) for the year 2021

Where our company was distinguished by the diversity of its insurance coverage, reinsurance and investments, and providing advice in everything related to insurance, as our company grants the following insurance documents (life insurance, reinsurance, ship and aviation insurance, engineering and agricultural insurance, car insurance, insurance against the risk of fire and accidents, and marine insurance). Our company also provides specialized advice in The field of insurance, and the National Insurance Company is one of the largest Arab companies operating in the field of insurance and has its place in the global insurance market through its activity in the field of reinsurance with international companies to cover its large insurance business


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Company memberships in unions and associations specialized in insurance

Insurance Type

Insurance policies that protect everything that matters to you

You can request insurance or Recoupment by choosing one of the insurance policies of the National Insurance Company

Life Insurance

A document to protect you and your family

Engineering Insurance

Engineering property protection document

Fire & Accident Insurance

Document protection from natural hazards

Cars Insurance

A document to protect your car from accidents

Agricultural Insurance

A document to protect you agricultural property

Marine Insurance

A document to protect shipping

Ship & Aviation Insurance & Reinsurance

Documents and agreements with international companies

Registration steps

You can get the insurance policy in
four steps

Choose a document

You can choose one of the insurance policies and register through the website

Interview date

One of the company's employees will contact you and set an interview date that suits you

Meet the client

One of our company's clients will meet you to explain to you and show you all the details of the document you have previously chosen

Get insurance

You will get the insurance contract that you have already chosen and know all its details



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