Comprehensive Motor Insurance

The company will Indemnify the Insured in respect of loss or damage to the Insured vehicle arising out of :

1- Collision and overturning
2- fire
3- Theft
4- Liability towards third parties

The Insured can choose all or part of above perils . The cover may be extended to cover the motor vehicle outside Iraq .

The company has two types of motor Insurance   
1- Private Insurance policy. 2- Commercial Insurance policy.   

Private Insurance Policy :

It covers private motor cars and forestry vehicles used for social , domestic , and pleasure purposes .

Commercial vehicle policy :

It covers motor vehicles use for commercial purposes , These are :
1- Lorries
2- Buses
3- Pick – up trucks
4- Plant and machines.

Additional perils

The policy can be extended to cover the following perils :
1- Personal accident for the Insured , driver and passengers.
2- Riot and strikes.
3- The perils of nature as storms , flood , volcanism , and earthquake.
4- Terrorism.

Measures for the application of Insurance :

1- The applicant has to complete a proposal form.
2- The motor vehicle should be inspected by the company.
3- Cash payment for the amount of premium which differ from one car to another

Claim procedures :

1- Complete a claim form .
2- A survey carried out by the company to assess the value of the damage .
3- At its option the company may pay in cash the amount of loss or damage or may repair, reinstate or replace the motor vehicle.
4- The company shall inspect the car after the repairs are carried out .

Classes of persons Insured :

1- Injured person.
2- Husband and relatives of first class, in case of death,
3- The persons who have deprived of their supporter deserve amaterial indemnity warranted they offer an official evidence .

Claim procedures:

1- The insured had to furnish the company with all such information and documentary evidence .
2- The file claim will be examined by a ( judicial committee) consist of a judge and two legal members.
3- The committee shall issue a judgment by which the company is obligated to pay the indemnity amount for the insured;e because of motor accidents in case of death or disablement .
4- These decisions are subject to examination and appeal by the Highest Court of cassation during 60 days from the date of notification for the National Insurance Company and the claim applicant .