National Insurance Company participated in the 33rd Conference of the Arab General Insurance Federation in wahran city in algeria, which lasted from 5-8 June 2022, with the attendance of 1,200 participants representing 56 insurance and reinsurance companies from 39 countries, under the motto " the new situation and its repercussions on the insurance industry". The National Insurance Company participated as The representative of Iraq in the General Arab Insurance Federation with a delegation that included the Director-General and the Director of the Technical Department, where the conference concluded its work on June 8 and came out with the following recommendations:
* The necessity of accelerating towards digital transformation, which has become an inevitable necessity to ensure more effectiveness and a faster development of the insurance sector in Arab countries.
* Giving cyber security more importance because of the threat it poses to information systems operating in Arab countries.
* The conference called for work to encourage financial inclusion at the level of the Arab world to enter the largest number of Arab countries under the insurance umbrella and to encourage micro-insurance.
* Work to pay attention to agricultural insurance in both its animal and vegetable parts.
* The need to develop regulatory frameworks in accordance with professional standards as a basis for the growth of insurance markets in the Arab countries.
In conclusion, the conference called on insurance and reinsurance companies to develop proactive plans to reduce the negative effects caused by natural and health disasters, work out a road map for each Arab country, strengthen joint Arab cooperation and work with international bodies.   
On the sidelines of the conference, the Director of the National institute for the Iraqi market was honored, and Mr. Abdul-Khaleq Raouf Al-Ma’mal, the former president of the union, was honored.