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At the invitation of the Dhi Qar Oil Company, a meeting was held with the delegations of the Malaysian Petronas Company and the Dhi Qar Oil Company in Baghdad to discuss the technical aspects of the engineering insurance policy, as well as agreeing to continue cooperation with our company by renewing the contract concluded with them. The meeting was attended by representatives of our company:
1/ Mr. Mohan Hizam Jawda
Engineering Insurance Branch Manager
2/ Mr. Alaa Hafez Bishara
Risk Division Officer
3/ Mr. Naseer Kazem Obaid
Member of Risk Division


National Insurance Company / Babil Branch / Najaf Office / Compensation Department started conducting look over at site as a first step in compensating the insured shops of the company that were exposed to a fire accident, which led to great material losses in the Water City Complex in Najaf Governorate.
National Insurance Company invites all commercial and industrial business owners, capital and investors to acquire the various insurance policies issued by the company that are compatible with all commercial activities and in all sectors through direct contact with the company’s offices and branches that spread in all governorates or through the net of representatives of the company.



National Insurance Company held a seminar for its employees on Monday, October 31, 2022, at the company’s center in cooperation with the Department of Relations with Non-Governmental Organizations in the Federal Integrity Commission, entitled (The National Campaign to Report Corruption), where the lecturers from the Integrity Commission gave a detailed explanation of the right The employee is in the case of being summoned by the authority and that one of the most important topics that were addressed is not to be afraid to report any case of corruption because of its negative effects on the employee and the company, and that half of the anti-corruption process is to report a case of corruption by delivering clear and accurate information about crimes Corruption by the means established by law, such as a toll-free phone number, e-mail, or attendance at the commission’s headquarters.
The lecturers clears that the Integrity Commission is not concerned with administrative issues such as employee promotion issues.
Finally, the employees' inquiries were listened to and answered.



National Insurance Company participated in the 46th Baghdad International Fair for the period from 1-10/11/2022, with the participation of a large number of ministries, institutions, public and private companies, at companies pavilion in Hall No. (3), where insurance services were presented to the participating parties and to visitors to the exhibition Through the presence of a group of company employees and producers, advertising and promotional materials and brochures were distributed to the company's activity.
(We are waiting for your visit and to participating in withdraw some prizes 📲📲)


The General Manager / Israa Saleh Daoud conducted an inspection visit to the Iraqi border offices in Mandali and Al-Mandhiriya to find out the progress of work and what the employees of our offices needed, as well as a meeting with the director of the Mandali port, where they discussed with him the mechanism of supporting the work and staff of our office at the port. In addition, she met the office's staff to find out the most important problems and obstacles facing them.


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National Insurance company


Commissions granted by the company to its official and public marketing staff differ according to types of insurance and marketing channels shown in the following attached schedule . Learn More...
Nature of Activity First: The company transacts all types of general Insurance Marine , fire and Accident , Motor , Agricultural, Engineering Insurance and life assurance and Reinsurance . The company also gives advice in various insurance cases . Second : The company invests its financial revenues in different faces 0f investment ( i.e) real estates investment, Deposits and transfers , sharing in other firms capitals.



Branches and offices of the company

 It consists organizational structure of National Insurance Company (11) central portion supervisory and associated company (13) branches (8), including specialized branches and (5) geographic branches, and is linked to the branches (42) offices, including 29 offices geographically and (10) border offices and (3) specialized offices
The number of employees for 2015 amounted to (939) employees


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National Insurance Company launches new document social insurance for college students

National Insurance Company launched a new insurance document devoted to college students ongoing study. The general director of the National Insurance Company Mr. Sadiq Fadhel said "The company and the basis of their tasks and responsibilities fired a close group insurance for students continuing to study in Iraqi universities, explaining that the cases that will be covered by the document is a natural death, and accidental death accidental, and death due to a terrorist incident. The injured permanent malfunction by a decision of a medical committee and the various stages of education. " The director of the company that the document will cover all college students aged (18-30 years) for a period of one academic year of the start of the school year, the date of the expiry Added general manager of the company that the amount of the specific insurance under this policy pays in the event of death of the insured to the beneficiary or rightful heirs, according to the desire of the insured upon issuance of the document

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